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    Concrete Cleaning Services
    Dry ice blasting is ideal for cleaning concrete because it cleans both flat surfaces and down into deep crevasses to ensure dirt and mold are removed without the need for water and harsh chemicals.

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    Fire and Smoke Restoration
    Use dry ice cleaning to quickly remove char, soot and other smoke damage caused by fires, including the lingering smells, without the use of water that can further damage structural surfaces.

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    Equipment Cleaning Services
    Cleaning equipment with dry ice blasting gets the job done without damage to sensitive components like controls, sealants, electrical wiring, pumps, valves and more.

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    Graffiti Removal
    Gently remove graffiti with dry ice cleaning to restore delicate surfaces and other areas where water, chemicals or secondary waste such as sand and soda can negatively impact the surrounding area.

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    Kitchen Cleaning Services
    Dry ice blasting won't contaminate surfaces, so it's ideal to easily remove grease, dirt and other food residue for industrial and commercial kitchen cleaning.

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    Limestone Cleaning Services
    Though dry ice blasting provides a deep, thorough clean, it won't scratch, etch or damage delicate surfaces like limestone, making it the perfect solution for restoration projects.

  • Limestone Cleaning Services
    Though dry ice blasting provides a deep, thorough clean, it won't scratch, etch or damage delicate surfaces like limestone, making it the perfect solution for restoration projects.

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    Production Machine Assembly Line Cleaning Services
    Keep your production line moving with quick, safe dry ice blasting to remove excessive dirt, oil, grease and other contaminants to keep integral assembly line parts functioning properly.

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    Tile Cleaning Services
    Dry ice blasting is the ideal solution to clean tough grout stains in tile surfaces because it gets the job done in one pass and there's no messy waste to clean up afterward.

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    Brick Cleaning Services
    With dry ice blasting, you can quickly and effectively clean dirt, mold and other contaminants off of brick without damaging it or the mortar.

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Dry ice blasting services are available from Emory Dry Ice and are a superior alternative to other cleaning applications. Dry ice blasting is an environmentally friendly cleaning service. It eliminates the need to handle secondary waste disposal, and post-cleaning is the fastest alternative to reduce your downtime.

Emory Dry Ice Service Van


Professional dry ice cleaning services are available from Emory Dry Ice and is a superior cleaning process to power-washing, soda blasting and sand blasting because it eliminates the possibility of surface damage and the creation of secondary waste.

Dry ice blasting removes grease, soot, oil, dirt and grime build up.

  • Industrial & Manufacturing: Manufacturing equipment, processing equipment, mill equipment, assembly lines, and printing presses
  • Food & Beverage: Processing equipment, packaging lines, conveyor systems, appliances, hoods, floors and walls
  • Commercial & Residential: Brick, stone, and concrete buildings, remediation/restoration, and graffiti removal
  • Other Industries Served: Fire restoration, automotive, electrical, plastic molds, power generation, and other utilities


Emory Dry Ice offers the latest Cold Jet blasting technology and our equipment is available to rent when you need it. We also offer high-quality dry ice manufactured to your specifications. Contact us to get all your rental needs from one partner.

Cold Jet Aero 40 FP dry ice blasting machine

Dry Ice Blasters

A variety of dry ice blasting machines available to fit your needs.

Pile of high-quality dry ice pellets

Dry Ice

Our fresh, high-quality dry ice manufactured to order.

  • Unlimited quantities for any job of any size
  • Flexible delivery options
  • Bulk pricing available
Dry ice blasting nozzle and hose kit

Nozzles and Hoses

No matter the job, you'll have the accessories you need to get it done right.

  • Wide selection of high- and low-flow nozzles, as well as extension tubes
  • Specialty nozzles available for unique blasting requirements
  • Large inventory of silicone and rubber blast hose extensions
Sullair 375 high-performance compressor


Our selection of compressors is specifically geared toward air flow for high-performance dry ice blasting.

Contact us and one of our experts will help you determine which compressor will work best for your job's air-flow needs.

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High-and low-flow nozzles, silicon and rubber hoses Nozzles and Hoses
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